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Current fraud trends – please read

Please be alert to invoice re-direction fraud. This happens when a fraudster impersonates one of your suppliers, they may have hacked your supplier’s email system, or created a fraudulent email address which is similar to that of your supplier.

Fraudsters will do this in order to send you an amended payment instruction containing fraudulent beneficiary account details, with the aim of diverting your funds to them. It is therefore critical that you protect your business against this type of fraud by undertaking the following checks before you instruct us to make a payment to your supplier:

When you receive an email from a supplier, always check that the email address is a match with previous legitimate emails received from them. Fraudsters may create an email address which is similar but there may be slight differences that they hope you will not identify.
This may be a regular payment that you make or it may be the first time you have paid the supplier. Either way, always contact the supplier to verify the instruction is correct, using your established contact details for the supplier and not the contact details provided within the email received.

Essential Maintenance

Online Banking will be unavailable between 21:30 on 23rd February and 08:00 on 24th February 2024 for essential maintenance.
We would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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